Thoroughly Clean Your Sewer Lines with Water Jetting

    When cabling is not enough to completely clear your sewer line, Rooter-Man Plumbers Hamilton can provide with you high-pressure flushing services. A plumbing innovation that uses pressurized water to thoroughly clean the inside of your pipes, high-pressure flushing or water jetting ensures outstanding results every time. It eliminates even the most stubborn clogs and keeps them at bay for a longer period of time, so you can have peace of mind knowing your drains and sewer line are working as they should.

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    Benefits of High-Pressure Flushing

    Our hydraulic water jet equipment can be used for both residential and commercial pipelines. Whether the blockage is due to dirt, grease, hair, or even tree roots, one session of high-pressure flushing is all it takes to completely remove these clogs. Water jetting is also the fastest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly sewer cleaning method there is.

    Other benefits of water jetting in Hamilton include:

    • Cleans longer sections of pipes
    • Dislodges a clog without the use of harmful tools or chemical
    • Scours waste build up from the walls of the pipes
    • Provides long-lasting results

    Once we’ve finished flushing your sewer lines, we will quickly run a video camera down the sewer line to make sure we’ve eliminated the clogs completely.

    Do You Want to Prevent Future Clogs?

    Because high-pressure flushing thoroughly cleans the inside of your pipes, it can prevent the recurrence of clogs longer than other sewer cleaning methods. This is why we also recommend water jetting at least once a year as part of a preventative maintenance routine. Rooter-Man Plumbers Hamilton can put you on a regular schedule for high-pressure flushing in Hamilton. Just talk to our plumbing team and we’ll even remind you when it’s time for your next water jetting service.

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